1980 The company was established in 1980 for the production, on a family level, of textile articles for injected footwear.
1996 In 1996 a great boost has been given to the company, yet worldwide leader, transforming it into SRL. This created the opportunity to invest more on machinery and technology and give identity of a growing sector.
2000 In 2000 after accurate research and studies, has been created a new trade mark product ® that changed the shoemaker production process in an innovative way.

In 2008 the company moved to the new building of its own property with an area of 12.500 sm., 4.000 of which covered, in order to satisfy the production, organization and commercial exigencies of its own clients.


Thanks to the new warehouse and the increasing of the production process, INTERTES guarantees its clients short delivery time and organized logistic.

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